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Marieluise Einfalt on serving the sick with joy (Austria)

February 18, 2021 Season 2 Episode 6
Hygiene & infection prevention network
Marieluise Einfalt on serving the sick with joy (Austria)
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On the podcast is Marieluise Einfalt.

She is an infection prevention and control nurse and a highly trusted academic expert in hospital hygiene. She serves as the Head of the Hygiene team at the Ordensklinikum Linz Elisabethin, one of the largest hospitals in Northern Austria, where she teaches about hospital hygiene at the IMC Krems University.

In the podcast she discusses her passion for nursing, her take on Infection Prevention strategies, and how she believes that hand hygiene is cool!

Are you curious to know how they work with infection prevention in Austria and who are the most resistant to behavioural changes? Do you know what Hygiene mentors are, and do you want to learn about the KISS program? Learn more by giving this podcast a listen. 

A few key takeaways: 

  • Marieluise believes that “Hygiene is not everything, but everything without hygiene is nothing.”
  • She is a fan of the new generation of healthcare workers and their positive approach to hygiene. 
  • She wants to remind us that small steps make a difference when it comes to infection prevention strategies. 

On nursing
"Do it with passion or leave it."

On hand hygiene
"Hand hygiene is cool!  Händehygiene ist cool!"

On innovations in infection prevention
"I think it is necessary to develop devices that support healthcare workers, not to forget about hand hygiene before and after some actions - in my opinion, there is still room for improvement of hand hygiene."

She encourages us to approach healthcare with purpose and passion. 

We apologize for any small buzzes in the podcast as this was recorded remotely to be mindful of COVID19 social distancing guidelines across Europe.

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Getting to know Marieluise Einfalt
Serve the sick with joy
Focus of infection prevention team
Challenges in infection prevention
Hygiene role models
The reason our healthcare workers are passionate about infection prevention
Water safety plan in Ordensklinikum Linz
The importance of knowledge being translated into actions